Construction Projects

Since 2002 Atos Foundation offers a helping hand, literally, in the construction of schools and hospitals in developing countries. Meanwhile, several teams of Atos employees contributed to the construction of large surfaces of floors, walls, ceilings and roofs.

The three main features of these kind of projects:

  • The participants, a group of around 20 people, mainly Atos employees travel for a period of two weeks to a developing country and help along with the construction of a health center, school, or support other activities that are necessary. A local contractor leads the project and the local workers will carry out the real (technical) work.
  • These 20 participants each pay € 1500, – to cover the cost of travel and accommodation. Of that amount, an average of € 300 remains – as a contribution to the construction project. In addition to its own contribution, the participants are asked to raise money for the project, for example by collecting at sports events, own birthday money, contributions from family, friends and various organizations such as service clubs, churches or customers of Atos. If necessary Atos Foundation contributes financially. In most cases, we are thus able to finance the entire project (€ 15 000, – to € 25 000, -).
  • Living and working with a completely different culture for two weeks will let participants to know the local people, their culture and country. Of course, the locals also get the chance to get to know some of our culture and customs. Besides the physical activities on the site, some participants organize a variety of activities with the children from the area, including teaching at school or organizing sports activities.

Projects (Dutch)

2015/2016? Nepal Repair earthquake damage in Nepal
2015 Tanzania Construction of dormitories in Mbaashi
2013 Cambodia Construction of Elementary School in Kampong Cham
2011 Uganda Medical Center and painting Victors High School Kirugu
2010 Nicaragua Esperanca, school extension near Grenada
2008 Nepal Daycare center no 2 and 3 Dhading
2007 Ethiopia Millennium school Debark; 4 classrooms on new site
2005 Benin Stichting Aktie Benin: elektrical installtion lab, painting hospital etc, Boukombé
2004 Kenya Mama Mzungu; 3 classrooms and furniture; Turkana area, Lokichar
2002 Dominican Republic School extension

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