Nepal 2008

From 18 April until 4 May 2008 we, 20 Atos Origin colleagues, went on a two week trip, organized by Derde Wereld Fonds (Atos Foundation). That year the trip went to Dhading, in the center of Nepal, where Stichting Veldwerk was being active with managing the construction of healthcare centres. During those two weeks we have been chopping wood, carrying stones, creating bricks and putting them together. In October there was a second group of 20 people, building the same kind of Daycare Center, but in another Dhading village. They also worked on the roofconstruction. In our spare time we got a chance to experience more of the Nepali culture, by hiking, visiting temples and ceremonies… and going to a Hindi-disco.

We raised money to finance the construction. The total fundraising was about € 15.000 for the first Nepal project and € 21.000 for the second.

In November 2009, all 6 healthcare centers and an ecological village called “Hamro Gaun” were officially opened.

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