ICT support

With its recently established Invest2Develop program the Atos Foundation aims to provide small ICT firms in developing countries with important ingredients for economic growth: knowledge, work and income. The foundation invests in the development of people by bringing their own staff together with local employees of the ICT start-up firms in order to share their professional experience and support further development of the companies. In addition to exchanging knowledge by entering these new markets the foundation also helps the companies in opening doors to western markets.
Small projects are outsourced to local firms providing them directly with work and income.

To increase the reach and effectiveness of the Invest2Develop program the foundation collaborates with international non-governmental organizations by leveraging their existing support to predefined target groups within the regions.

IT Expeditions

Since 2009 Atos Foundation supports startup IT companies in developing countries through training and sharing projects. By supporting these building blocks, starting IT companies Atos Foundation can make a real difference in terms of growth and development based on the Atos core business: IT.

2014 Bangladesh ICT-Centers in Bangladesh, together with NGO-partner VSO
2012 Bangladesh IT Training at BrainStation 23, transfering Atos software project
2009 Liberia IT Training at Tamma Corporation, students of Monrovian University and local IT professionals


Atos Foundation has delivered tailor made software to organizations. This software helps these organizations to accomplish their goals in CSR niche markets. Examples of these organizations are

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